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Looking To Adopt A Dog Dogs For Adoption In Ireland
Dog Adoption Ireland

Dog Adoption

The Dogs Featured On These Pages Are Currently In Need Of Adoption And
Re-homing In West Cork, Ireland.

If you see a dog that you would like to adopt, and are able to provide a good home, please complete and submit the form supplied below, quoting the dog's name or reference. Your enquiry will be dealt with as quickly as possible as explained on the previous page. You'll also be subscribed FREE to the Power Of The Dog newsletter.

Dog Adoption Enquiry Form
First Name
Last Name
Tel No
Dog's Name or Ref
Sparky is a 3 year old neutered male Jack Russell. He is a clever dog who is full of energy and loves affection and going for walks. He would make a fantastic pet for someone with the space for him who would be able excercise him and give him loads of attention. He HATES cats. He has always been excellent around children but not so much with toddlers. He loves playing with my children who are 6 and 10yrs old. He is microchipped and vaccinated. Sparky will need a home with people who are experienced with dogs and will give him boundaries as like a lot of Jack Russells he can be quite protective.
Izzy is a really sweet small size (soon to be spayed) female Pom x.  She was left to fend for herself and her litter of pups that were born in someones backyard.  Sadly they didn't even provide any food for her so when she was eventually caught along with her 2 surviving pups she was in a very stressed state.  Luckily they are now getting 3 square meals a day and are in a much healthier state.
Billy is an 8 yr old male greyhound who is a beloved pet belonging to a lady who is in hospital and can no longer care for him. He is a quiet placid dog who is used to living indoors and is a loyal companion. He will need a home where there are no cats or other small animals.
Pepper is a 7 month old Old English Sheepdog x German Shepherd. She is a sweet natured puppy who loves people and other dogs. She is used to children but can jump up when excited so may not be suitable in a home with very young children. Pepper is housetrained though she is used to sleeping outside at night.
Frodo. We have nick named this little guy - Gentleman Jim, as he has the sweetest, gentlest disposition imaginable. He is a terrier type with a drop of beagle, of mature years and is good with both people and dogs. We feel that he has had a sad life up to coming into our care and are looking for a home where he will live indoors and be very much a part of the family. Frodo will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before rehoming.
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