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Dog Poems And Poetry

Dog Poems & Poetry

Enjoy some precious quality time soaking up the warmth and meaning of canine companionship with this Special Collection Of Famous Dog Poems. Dedicated to our best friends; the following pages contain some of the most famous dog and puppy poems ever written. They are certain to touch your heart and warm the very embers of your soul.

Whether it's happy dog poems to celebrate the special bond we share with our friends, or sad dog poems to reflect upon after the loss of our pals, you're sure to find a fitting verse amongst this fine selection of canine poetry.

There's a great feature at the bottom of every page that lets you share these delightful dog poems, instantly, with all your friends! By using this feature you can email these poems directly from this site straight to your friends. Also, it lets you add the links to your MySpace, FaceBook, AOL, Yahoo, BeBo etc.

So, spread some warmth and happiness around and make someone's day. They'll love you for it!
Plus, you'll be helping to rescue some abused and abandoned dogs by letting other dog lovers know about this site.

P.S. Are you a budding poet? I'm looking to include poems written by dog lovers on these pages. If you have a dog poem you'd like to share with others and would like to see it on this site, please email it to me HERE together with your name and permission to use it. I'll let you know as soon as it's up!

 Rescue Homeless Dogs - Share Dog Poems
Alone Again
A Dog's Prayer
A Dog's Soul
A Loan From God
A Stray's Prayer
A Stump For A Tail
Dogs Live Here
Do I Go Home Today?
Heaven's Gate
If Dog's Were Your Teacher
I Stood Beside Your Bed Last Night
Lend Me A Pup
Mother Doesn't Want A Dog
Old Dog's Do Not Die
Old Faithful
Origin Of The Dog
Power Of The Dog
Room For One More Dog
Ten Commandments For Dogs
The Bed Puppy
The Creation
The Holiday Season
The Meaning Of Rescue
Your Best Friend
Winter Of Life
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